Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Those readers of this blog know quite well I am above all suspicious and cynical about any informatio  put out by government and or so called experts.  A brief look at the last 33 years will verify my concerns were entirely justified.  I will  highlight  just a few of the big one's below.

When Reagan and Stockman started their campaign to sell the country on Free Trade as the end all to all our needs , and showed their intent by busting PATCO right at the starting line alerted me we were on a path of destruction.  A read of the times around the Great Depression would have given you all the info needed to detect the dangers ahead.

The next tidbit that made my ears perk up when they started yakking up high paying jobs in the financial fields that would happen as they outsourced manufacturing jobs to overseas locations. Ross Perot tried to warn us by telling the GREAT SUCKING SOUND would be jobs leaving America if NAFTA was enacted.  We called him crazy and sent him on his way.  (perhaps his fear of harm to his family was real) (it does fit with things we know our government has done lately)  Sure enough the sucking sound became a roar as plant after plant closed and blue collar jobs disappeared.  Youth of the time watched as their fathers and mothers lives were destroyed, houses lost, pensions stolen, and they were left saying I gotta get me one of them high paying financial jobs.. So they rushed off to college flocking to get an MBA  and join the fun group.  In the end a lot of them ended back in their father's kitchen or maybe even a tent.  Many of them are now serving drinks, or flipping burgers or other low paying jobs as all the financial jobs disappeared..Today we are left with a very few , very rich , and half the country's household earnings below 50K a year.  All during this time the experts were telling us what a great future we are building.. Anybody with half a brain was screaming BULLSHIT.

Next up the housing bubble.  Fed chair Allen Greenspan sitting on top of the pile of brainacs in the Federal Reserve put into place deliberate rules that he knew would create a boom in housing.  All the while ignoring the practices the banks were using to issue bad mortgages (that they knew were bad) so they could get commissions and build package of derivative time bombs that they also knew would blow up eventually. At the time anybody who believed that housing prices could rise at 20% a year while wages were falling and jobs were disappearing (qualified for a seat on the fed) because Greenspan till this day claims he did not see the housing bubble or the bank crookedness.  Thank you Ayn Rand and all libertarians for giving us such a smart man?  Results are still coming in , millions have lost their homes and now we sit watching Hedge Fund pukes grabbing up blocks of homes at super discount prices.. Prices they could have put the old homeowners into instead.. but that's not how financial guru's  think.

On to environmental issues .  The evidence is all around us that something weird is happening all around the world but we see that absolutely nothing is being done politically to do anything about it.  We sit by and watch things like the Gulf oil spill happening while the companies responsible responsible lie their asses off on the size of the problem down to the amount of disperseant they are using and now show us signs of a once again beautiful Gulf, and so it is on the surface... don't look below you won't like what you see. Then Fracking hits the scene as the savior of the world energy problems and commence to drill thousands and thousands of wells each one with a life span of three years at best, while consuming huge amounts of water and poisoning water supplies wherever they drill.  100  years of energy independence they scream but on closer examination 10 years of supply is more likely.

Let's move on to GMO crops.  Once again touted as the solution to world  hunger. Beneath the rhetoric the truth reveals thousand of farmers committing suicide because once locked into the gmo seeds they cannot afford to buy them , they are ruined with no way out but death.  Bees, humingbirds, butterflys dying by the thousands and the scientist just look baffled of the cause.  These guys know full well the purpose of the GMO seeds is to kill pests that damage crops, I guess they didn't view bees, butterflys and hummingbirds as pests so they would be ok..Really , are they that stupid,, these critters eat pollen and that is poisoned too.  Seeds that were in some cases thousands of years old are contaminated and no longer produce the ancient crops and those farmers are screwed again as they can't afford the new seeds. On top of all this Mother Nature is smarter than all the scientists in the world as she is already 20 short years after the seeds were modified to produce new crops of weeds that are not harmed by the pesticides .  Surely they must have seen that coming , perhaps they kept quiet so they could sell their new breed of weed killers,  Cynical me!

One last little adventure here before closing.  Fukushima , gee we are really getting good info on that little leak into the environment .  We have been told so many lies since the disaster and most have taken that off their radar as the news we get has been pretty lame.  We are lead to belive that the reactor containment has not been breached (I don't believe it) and when you see one line that says they have no idea where the cores really are, tells you it is lot worse than we know.  We are told there has been a 300000 gal lead from a tank and later we  read that amount has been going into the pacific every day since late 2011.  Perhaps that's why all the evidence is in the ocean and animals that live in it that some bad shit is happening.  Polar bears with open soars and patches of hair missing , seal pups dying off in big numbers, fish showing signs of radiation contamination at levels we think are dangerous. Those fish are being caught as far from Japan as our Northwest coast.  How bad that mess will get before it's over is anybody's guess the experts aren't saying and perhaps don't know .

Now to the intent of this little rant.  It's absolutely OK for you to be cynical, or suspicious of all commerical input to your intelligence system .  You can absolutely count on anything given you by MSM or the government is less than the truth.  You can key on the subject at hand and with your handy little google machine you can search till you dig out what you think is the truth.  Will it be, it is up to you to keep the subject up front in your mind and keep gathering info, it still might be the whole truth but at least it will be up to date.  AS babes growing up , one of our favorite questions to our moms was WHY MOMMIE.  It is still the question you need to ask about all things, not your mommie hany more but to all who act as they know.

One of the examples in the links I am going to leave you with has two examples of what this  piecce is all about , 1. An eight grade class ask Paul Roberts to explain the effects of off shoring jobs, hell that will get the truth from him.   2. An economics class at Cambridge asked the professor to talk about a topic hot at the time , a question they can't get an answer too .  Guess what ?  The prof said he would not talk about it because it is not on the syllabus and there lies what is wrong with the world.. IT AIN'T MY JOB they do not add if i make it my job my grants go away and perhaps my job.  We are on our own , get hot.


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