Tuesday, October 15, 2013


About 30% of the electorate claim to be a conservative, or at worst a far right fundamentalist.  So let's see if you really are.   Every election the right drags out it's traditional theme song..GAGG, Guns, Abotion, Gays and Guns to rally their troops.  But the question in my mind are you really that far right.  Take this little quiz and then tell me how many of them you agree with.. Don't identify yourself individually just verify that you consider yourself right wing.
OK , here we go.

1. I believe everyone should have good health care. (not necessarily Obama care) .

2. I wouldn't have an abortion but think it's your individual right to decide that.

3. I believe in birth control so every family has a choice of how big they want to be.

4.I believe the earth is older than 6000 years.

5. I believe that Global Warming is real (who caused it be damned)

6. I believe that owning a weapon designed for war should not be legal.

7.Religion should be a private matter decided by each person.

8. I believe that all elections be publicly funded to eliminate the fat cats from buying elections.

9 Gerrymandering should be made illegal and districts should be drawn up by strict geographical rules.

10. I believe that Government should not  be connected to religion in any shape or form..

11.  God should be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance. It wasn't there when written.

12. I believe that the tax rates should return to pre republican levels so that the more well to do pay a more equal share of the load.

12. Corporations should pay a fixed percentage of profit with no limiting deductions and special tax incentives so that they return to  percentages seen in the past before all the tax breaks.

13. I believe that the United States should not be the policeman for the world.. a roll we have proven we are not good at and all conflicts should be voted on by congress.  You might argue we have to be responsive quickly  ( when has that actually happened)?

14 Considering #13 we could reduce the size of our military to provide for National Security defending our shores from aggression.

15. Higher education should once again be free to all citizens and all past student debt should be forgiven.  ( a trillion bucks would cover the bill) 1/3 of what we spent destroying Iraq.

16. Federal Reserve should be eliminated and a National Bank formed in it's place.  Would  greatly reduce the cost of federal borrowing..

17. Sever ties with Israel so we  don't respond to conflicts they start.

18.  Limit the impact of APAC by limiting campaign contributions and the number of lobbyists any one organization can have.  Public  funded elections would insure this.

19.Quit teaching Creationism is public schools,, It is pure bullshit as any body with a brain can see.

20.Put in place an energy plan for insuring the grid will remain secure in the future.. It would include all manner of energy producing systems .

21. A marriage should be between two people in love , period..

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