Saturday, October 19, 2013


I have been taking notice lately that the working man has no one operating in his defense.  It came to the forefront to me when I saw the Detroit unions back the new non elected management  of the city. Now the news on the street tonight that Obama administration is once again preparing to turn their backs on the working man under the disguise of managing the deficit. The word is the process of this new committee will take aim at things like Social Security , Medicare, Medicaid, nutrition programs, infrastructure repair and other programs aimed at helping the working men and woman of this country.  At the same time insisting on huge new tax breaks for corporations.  While keeping in place the sequester cuts.  Of course they will restore military spending, spy money, and Homeland security funds.

Notice if you will that their is no mention of of negotiating the drugs prices in the Medicare program, restoring tax rates on corporations and the top tax brackets.  There should be huge cuts to the military budget as force reduction is being carried out right now.  With no future enemy in sight we do not need the forces we have.

The hell of it is there are easy ways to fix SS and Medicare but you can bet your last dime they won't go their..If you compare the US cost to other industrial countries you find that all spend a smaller percentage of GDP on health care then we do, and their insurance covers everybody.  While we just spent days without a government debating who we were going to screw out of health care.
The chart below shows the cost per person in various plans you can clearly see on wins the most costly prize..We can fix this by going to single payer.

In a few short months we will do it all over again and as the link above says this time they will be going after SS , Medicare and all programs aiding the disadvantaged.  Which is you think about it may be exactly what the Tea Party freaks had in mind.

The US overall is becoming a very dismal place to live for a lot more people than ever before.  Yes my friends we are going backward at a faster and faster rate.  When half of all school children live below the poverty rate what more evidence do you need to see we are heading for third country status as a whole.

Yet , the nation as a whole sets on their butts, watching reality shows on TV, or Twittering, or messaging  or wasting their time on Facebook instead of paying attention to the screwing we are getting.  Without action it will be more of the same election after election.

So my solution is we get busy and pick a team to run in 16 that has the brains and the guts to get us onto the right track...My pick are Elizabeth Warren and Allen Grayson as independents.  Why Independents   , because if she chooses to run Hillary will be the democratic choice and in my estimation that means more of the same.

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