Sunday, October 27, 2013


Once the most powerful nation in the world by any measure , today we are but a shadow of our former selfs as seen by the rest of the world.  We have done everything in our power to destroy what America was , financially , militarily,industrially , and the worst  morally.

A nation that in the past aided by the rules of war suddenly started acting as our enemies of old, torturing people with horrible methods, apprehending by any means possible, locking them up with no charges, no representation , no trials, just detainment for ever with no chance of getting out, citizen and non citizen alike.  The hell of it is these folks could be considered the lucky ones, the others blown away by nice little drone toy guided by someone in a nice air conditioned office far from the field of battle.  The collateral damage of this kind of war goes unmeasured except possibly by the PTSD rate of the drone pilots(worse than actual pilots).  Who now can see the carnage created by their handicraft, damage they can actually see from their arm chair.  Men , women and children blown to bits and bleeding right in front of them in living color.

Our efforts on the battle field have not ended in victories except in you think it was the terrorists goal to bankrupt America , which they have successfully done. The Iraq war we were lied into fighting by the President himself and Afghanistan we should have just know better than put a large force on the ground there and Obama has even increased those forces and it will not be a victory when we eventually leave.  We were not allowed to leave troops in Iraq and odds are we will not be allowed to stay in Afghanistan I hope.

The world depended on the stability of the dollar as far back as you can see, but now , one by one they are backing out of a dollar based economy  and have started using other currencies as their trading medium.   At the same time they (being China in the lead) have started selling off their trillions of T-bills in exchange for gold.  Less and less countries buying our debt will force the Federal Reserve to print more and more dollars, till they reach a point where they are limited by inflation ramping up.  Paul Craig Roberts in this article states that after they stop printing they will have to raid pension of funds of everyone by various means till that bunch of folks will have nothing left.  We have seen this done already in other countries where they even raided you cash in the banks.

Of course as the above rolls out the plight of the working man gets worse and worse , more and more people are left without a way to survive and when their numbers rise who knows what will happen.  Considering that you start to understand why their is a Northern Command with 40,000 troops being trained in city warfare, why Homeland Security has bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammo owns tanks and other heavy weapons and police departments across the country are armed like Special Forces.  They are preparing for the worse while we are left helpless.

The timing for this mess of course is not predictable in any reliable fashion.  If you believe that this will happen and probably soon (within a few years, some say 2014, others are saying 2016) the truth is nobody really knows.  All  we can do is watch the world and see what unfolds, their will be little we can do from actually stopping it once it starts to roll .  What we will be left to deal with is the aftermath.

So much of our world as presented is a total sham.  All the moneyed folk are cheating , lying, breaking laws with nothing serious happening to them. All the little guys are being ripped to shreds and driven to the brink.  I believe the moneyed folks have a huge error is their thinking they will be bypassed by the carnage that is coming. They will find out when it comes time to the government to grab stuff they will go to the guys who have the most stuff and that ain't your or me.  Won't they be surprised.  We will still have our learned abilities to rebuild our country and they will only have us to feed them..

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  1. Well said. Accurate and sad.
    What a wasted opportunity!