Monday, October 28, 2013


Being a proponent of nuclear power it pains me to write this blog because I have a feeling we are being kept totally in the dark about the dangers we face in this county from the radiation leakage from Fukushima .  For instance we heard a week or so ago that 300 million gallons of leakage into the sea from a leaking tank, no big deal , one tank, one leak.  Then thru none MSM stories you see pieces surface of massive die offs of seals, bottom dwellers, polar bears with sores and loss of hair ,you know the typical stuff you read about the effects of radiation on live critters.

On further investigation you find stories that from day one 300 million gallons of radioactive leakage of high level radioactive water run into the pacific.  The attached stories indicate that a more is happening than we are being told about.(not an unusual event) Some of the bits of info are troublesome like half the newborn seals are dying , bottom dwellers dying off, radioactive fish of many species being caught.

What's the truth of the extent of the problem, who really knows, those that do ain't talking which alone tells me it is approaching my worst fears.. It's a possibility that all 4 reactors have broken containment even though they say that isn't true.. Too much that they have no control over is surfacing one source at a time...One thing you can take to the bank, it is much worse than we have been told , how bad, it's up to our own imagination to figure.. Meantime here are three attachments that provide some kind of data.  the usual wide eyed critics are not included in these links. Read them and see what you think..

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  1. I'm speechless.
    It does make me wonder about the wisdom of continuing to live on the West coast.