Sunday, August 21, 2016


A republican in congress has filed a bill limiting this and future presidents from negotiation with Russia as Mr. Trump has suggested he would do as president..No doubt that's why this bill has appeared. The president is granted those powers  by various means but he does have the right.

As many of my latest posts have pointed out the powers that be are busily preparing for a war with Russia with China being thrown in as an extra.

The military industrial complex is hard at work egging us on to bigger and better wars.  Never mind we have not come out as winners since WW2.  An unbiased look at the military capabilities of all the involved might give you pause to reconsider this boondoggle.

When I point out to some that this would not be the cake walk those planning it think it is.  W closer look says quite possibly we might have our asses handed to us again. If Iraq and Afghanistan haven't proved we are not invincible on the ground (even with superior air power ) then what makes them think they can win this one.

When talk of surviving a first nuclear strike surfaces you have to wonder where the pentagon is buying their weed.  They must have got a huge discount on the junk they are smoking.(Oh wait they never get a discount).  Now we even say we never had a NO FIRST STRIKE POLICY makes me wonder if  I was being lied to the 11 years of submarine service packing missiles around the oceans just waiting to strike back if we were ever attacked.  Now they tell me that , that policy never existed.

It matters little I suppose , just because we had a rule not to use a nuke first, I have little faith we would stick to that if we actually started a confrontation with Russia on the ground.  It took us six months to gear up for Iraq, how long would it take to put enough men and equipment on the ground in the EU to take on the Russians.  Let's look at past history to see just what we were facing.  At the peak in both Iraq and Afghanistan we had 150 thousand troops on the ground.  We took down the Iraq forces with ease but in trying to hold the ground we did not do so well.  Afghanistan has been a clusterfuck from the git go, after trillions of dollars and 13 years both countries are out of control.

Point being we had to call up the reserves to allow for rotation of the troops on a yearly basis, which did not apply to all.  In engaging in these efforts we burned out a bunch of troops, destroyed many families, created a huge c


  1. Big difference with WWII, we had our own raw resources, our own materials, clothing and manufacturing factories, trained workers, etc. etc.
    Now, most of our materials come from other countries, mainly CHINA, Yikes. Not to mention a lot of ammo from Russia.
    Unless we can get "I'll be Back" Arnold to get them to fit a war on their IPads, I don't see how we can win a real war.

  2. My crude analysis of a war with one or both of them we would once again get our asses handed to us. A draft if they are considering a ground war would be interesting .