Friday, August 12, 2016


If you thought while reading the title of this blog means you are probably a young whippersnapper who has never heard the phrase.  For a very long time dating back  to my nuclear sub career that is the doctrine we operated with.  We were always told that the US would never launch first, if we ever got a launch code we could feel secure in the knowledge we were only getting ever for someone else launching their nukes.

Well scrap all that , we are right back to our good ole M,A.D.  with a slight twist , we now beleive we can use battlefield nukes as a first strike weapon.  Really are we actually that stupid?  Well check out the links provided inside this post. Read the first one at least for a tasted of current thinking.

If making plans to go to war with Russia is not enough for you , then add China to your bucket list.  The Rand Corp has conducted studies on the effects of conducting a war with China.  One  note : as far as I am concerned this study was flawed from the git go as they" concluded that no other nations will enter the conflict".  Really given all the agreements signed by Russia and China linking the two countries in many way would indicate to the least informed could conclude they would come to each others aid.

Alex Jones ,hardly a liberal, calls out that our plans for a war with Russia and or China (and you better figure a war with one is a war with both) will be a major disaster .  If it escalates beyond control nukes would certainly be used by all that had them.  Which could very well be the end of civilization.

It's now official NATO doctrine IT'S WAR 2.0
One major difference is today we believe that we can use battle field nukes in the opening of a new war.  Now how could that go wrong.  Put yourself in Putin's shoes, you have an enemy attacking you with nukes , what do you do as Putin.  Tit for Tat as long as you can hold them you won't use your big guns first.  Will we, my current feel that if we were not being successful we would launch our big nukes and if you were already left this world you could hear our crazy bastards screaming "WE WON"  Yeah you surely did, most likely I won't hear you screaming from your heaven where you will reside with all the other crazy fundamental types, while I  sit and enjoy your God's problem sorting out the good from the evil.  Seems he needs a bigger place for the bad guys.  

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