Saturday, August 20, 2016


Thom Hartman in a rant the other day called out all of the news networks for their lack of any policy discussions and for that matter any news that did not call or or show bloodletting.  It has gotten so bad at my house that we don't even turn to the network news like we used to..We might watch an hour here or there but in general they are not worth your time.

When news networks got gobbled up by conglomerates and were forced to make money or else and of course we got the or else.  Politics, politics, politics that's what we get 24/7. If you have wondered
why you saw so much of Trump in the beginning is simply because he got ratings.  Why still makes me shudder that the populace bought his act.

In fact the whole of TV is at it's worse possible year to date.  5 or 6 days of the week there is absolutely nothing to watch. I participated in a  survey for a rating company and was surprised at how few entries I could actually make.  Outside of the news there is one day a week where there are 4 or  shows that we watch.

When you stop and look at what we are offered you can soon tell what you are going to be offered and if it is a hit you know you are going to get 10 more shows just like it.  As an example consider what happened when "NAKED AND AFRAID" was a hit, soon we had show after show of naked butts and horrible conditions. OK , I confess I watched the first season but not after that.  Another example are the game warden shows.  One or two aren't bad but soon they stretch it out to they end up with weak shows that don't get ratings.  One more example are the surviving above the  Artic Circle, interesting in the beginning but after a time it's gets so receptive you ask why your are watching.

Current TV bill is over $200 and if you count the 3 or 4 streaming companies it gets worse.  On top of that I live in the boondocks where our DSL delivers a whopping 1 meg.  So I have two satellite services , two because of download limits on one of them and sometimes one or the other satellite services is not delivering at a fast enough rate to stream a movie.

I was around when TV became first available,  even in the early days there were quality shows on most nights.  In fact there were a few shows that people actually stayed home or rushed home to watch.  Milton Berle and ED Sullivan shows come to mind.  There seems to be a lack of creativity in the movie making business, it's hard to figure out why this is so , it just is, and all you can do is hope that next season will be better, I am not holding my breath waiting for a good season.


  1. I totally agree. Most of the time I watch the History Channel, Ntl Geographic, Discovery, Velocity, etc. Channels with informative, scientific or interesting info, not just mindless repetitive reality subjects.
    I watch the local news channels unless there is something special going on that I want to find out about.
    I miss the many series that were interesting. It seems they have all gone to the internet sources.
    I have hundreds on channels on the cable, but watch a total of maybe 15 at the most. What a waste of my money and broadband.