Saturday, August 20, 2016


I know I am beating this war drum a lot of late and feel compelled to alert you to the possibility of  a coming war with Russia and maybe China at the same time.  Since a lot of folks get a majority of their news from the TV they might not have a clue what is on the drawing board.

In this post I will put a few links detailing what the nutjobs running this county are planning.  We have been  positioning Nato troops on the Russian borders, missiles there too, plus missiles in other surrounding countries all supposedly to counter Iranian intent. (which doesn't exist) .

At the same time we are tweaking the Chinese tiger by challenging their moves into the southern ocean. Some of the same nutjobs think they can fight both Russia and China at the same time.

The above has to be the dumbest idea yet but the halls of congress and the Defense Department are full of these NeoCon types some held over from the Regan Era.  The troublesome part of this is if a Hillary is elected president you can bet on a war with one or both of the above mentioned.

While Hillary claims on the campaign trail she will not send more ground troops into Syria her potential cabinet are planning larger ground operations in Syria ,yep more boots on the ground and with the goal of throwing the dictator out will but right up to Russian and Chinese assistance to Syria, whose goal is to keep Assad in power.

So who is pushing all these war plans?  Well you need not look any further than the Think Tanks supported by both parties.  They apparently haven't seen a war they don't love.  Never mind we have not won a war since WW2 and to be fair got our asses kicked in every conflict we engaged in.

I am anything but anti military having served 27 years in the Navy both active and reserve.  I do object to the kinds of wars that we have engaged in of late.  ie, take Iraq who we attacked on faked evidence.  Or going on the ground in Afghanistan having viewed the Russian defeat and retreat from that county.

Our defense budget (the stated one is 600 billion) the real one is unknown but estimate put it around a trillion or so.  That's about half of our income and more than our 10 closest competitors.

A lot of this money is blown of new systems 4 of which have been less that a success and way over budget (the F35 ) is the best example .  Topped only by the new carrier 2 years overdue and double the original cost.  Plus 4of the major systems don't work.

It's time to reign in the Military Industrial comlex to save our nation.


  1. There is a song in the air. "War, What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing"

  2. I think we have until after the election.