Thursday, December 5, 2013


A federal judge ruled today that any state or municipality can negate their pension liabilities by seeking federal bankruptcy protection.  In the state of Michigan these pension rights in the state constitutions are not to be changed from the negotiated agreement , but the judge didn't even consider the city employees right under that constitution .  The details of the agreement are in THIS DOCUMENT.


Agreement after agreement private and public have been dispensed with in these bankruptcies making a suspicious one like myself to believe that the real reason behind these bankruptcies is to destroy the union agreements and get out of the benefits owed.

First it was the wholesale removal of factories making  everything from socks to heavy equipment.  Removing in the end 50000 factories and 5.5 million blue collar jobs from the workplace.  Never fear we were told high wage white collar jobs would arrive to take their place.  Some did appear only most of them to disappear a short time later off shored as well . Unemployment has shot up to 23% according to Shadow Stats even as a recovery is in progress.  On top of the unemployment numbers you have the sad fact that half of the jobs created were minimum wage jobs, flipping burgers, or mixing drinks and waiting tables.  Many I know with college degrees cannot get hired even to flip burgers and God help you if you are over 50.

With all corporate forces including our own government working to drive our living standards lower and lower we don't have a chance as long as we cling to the falsehood that we are a nation of independent people.. You must know by now that we cannot win this fight standing alone.. their will always be a guy willing to flip burgers for less. So are you beginning to get the picture?

Their is only one way to get our nation back, we have to ban together in a NEW MOVEMENT (not a party) all parties are against us .  We need a movement embracing right, left, middle, everybody to work as a force against those who are against us.

I know what you are thinking YOU BET YOUR ASS I'M TALKING IS CLASS WARFARE, the problem is we are already in one and we don't have an army.  No I am talking about a shooting army , I am suggesting we get together and apply the one thing we have to fight with. Our labor , our wallets and our will to win.  Generally an army needs a leader but we don't have one, but to begin we don't need one.  If as one we did not go to work, don't go to Walmart or Amazon and keep it up till they cave in and ask what will it take to get us back to work.  If we don't participate in their game then their profits start to drop , stockholders start to squirm and they realize they do in fact need us.

There are lots of progressive organizations out there functioning as individual units , ready forces that could all unite behind one game plan and take back charge of our own destinies.

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  1. You are correct. We are already in a class war not of our choosing. Our only choice now is how long we sit here and take it.
    Thanks for the post.