Friday, December 6, 2013


Third Wave claims to be a centrist group although I have yet to see a policy that was center at all , mostly to the far right.  This week in the Wall Street Journal attacks Elizabeth Warren and the newly elected Major of New York for their progressive "You can have it all agenda"  .  This said by a player in the top 1% game whose real goal is to have it all, while the two mentioned dems simply want what really should be called a right not an entitlement.

In a later piece in the Journal a response to the attack on the two dems four other dems were outed for their support of Third Wave projects.. They of course said they disagreed with the piece but stayed on board.  Any democrat who participates in any organization that pushes for destruction of the two premier progressive programs most important to the health and welfare of our senior citizens.  A quick look back at the plight of seniors before these programs will tell you how serious the elimination of these programs would be.

Both of these programs are easily fixed but of course getting those changes are not going to be easy at all with pukes like Third Wave and Alex aided by the Koch brothers money is backing the propaganda this bunch pukes out.

The democrats named in the second piece should be targeted right now for places in the unemployment lines.. Wavering like these folks should not be tolerated and should be removed from politics.

For a mental update on the causes of the Great Depression with parallels to our current depression read Tom Hartman's THE CRASH OF  2016.  Mount up folks the fight is just beginning.

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