Monday, December 30, 2013


There were so many things that caused my eyebrows to rise and bring pain to my aging heart that I didn't know  if I should start this blog.  But an article by Paul Craig Roberts gave me incentive to post.

So here goes list of things that bothered me in 2013.

Leaks that showed my government spying on me my means never even thought about and worse yet it doesn't seem to bother others as much as it does me.

Keeping troop in Afghanistan knowing full well that it will return to Taliban control when we leave example Iraq today is worse than we went in at the cost of many lives killed and damaged.

Then the President saying he wanted to bomb Syria and the country mostly saying Hell Yah

Watching a congress sit on their asses and accomplish nothing while in public starting a ruckus over problems that did not exist.  Watching while the country burned.

Watching the Federal Reserve pour almost a trillion dollars into the banks interest free with the thought of creating jobs.   It bother me they might think I am dumb enough to believe that. It bought a beautiful rise in the stock market in which few of us participate and call that an economic recovery,REALLY

Watch almost daily film of cops brutalizing citizens for little of no reason, I mean just beating the shit out of them for sassing a cop.

Watching a major city locked down with heavy armor rolling thru the streets looking for two bombers (sure they caught them) but the sight of cops dressed like combat soldiers depressed me.

Watching banker after banker allowed to settle for millions of dollars if fines for stealing trillions from common folk seemed like less that justice.  After all they committed multiple felonies easily proved they just walked away from.

Militarily Gitmo is still open, we are still in Afghanistan, we are now in Sudan, the drone program has been expanded in war and in peace.  The collateral damage is seldom talked , except when we bomb wedding parties.   The mental state of the guys and gals running these programs is never talked about but some of the pilots and annalists have started to talk of the mental problems they are experiencing during and after their tours.

It's troubling to see a huge number of folks unable to find work of any kind and then see their social programs cut time and time again.  23% is the real number of unemployed not the 7% the government claims.

It's troubling to see that half the countries household income in 50,000 or less.

It's troubling to see the ten largest employers in the country pay minimum wage and some teach their employees to supplement their income using government support programs, and then their is McDonald's telling their employees not to eat fast food because it is unhealthy.

It bothers me to hear teachers I know talk of high school student who can't read, follow simple instructions.  To see school administrators have kids hauled off by cops for supposed crimes that any good teacher of old would have handled in the classroom .

It bothers me to watch hours of cable new and local news and actually see little news.. If you want to know what is going on you have to search it out yourself.

It bothers me to see folks driving , walking , doing business while on their cell phones it is like they can't stand to have an idle time to think.  Then get them in a room they have little to say.  I'm confused.

It bothers me to see things like are in Roberts article linked above to see mother hauled off to jail for child abuse for letting her kids ride scooters in their own driveway because the gal who called it in was to lazy to look and see the mother in a lawn chair watching her kids.

It bothers me to see kids expelled of suspended for bringing as aspirin to school and other offenses so minor they could have been handled in  a better manner.

This list could go on for a lot longer but I know your eyes are getting tired.  By now you know a lot of things bother me about our country .  The hell of it is most of this can be changed by each one of you but you have to act... The fact that we allow all this to happen to us and say very little is the most troubling to me of all the things mentioned.

Hell I think I will close and go watch DUCK DYNASTY!!!    


  1. Add to that that the federal government just authorized six states to have drone airports. What do the fed's want drones in the U.S.for? Right now all they use them for is to conduct surveillance and kill.
    I also don't like that Congress did not extend unemployment benefits while Wall Street criminals not only go free, they are looking forward to HUGE bonuses.
    I fortunately don't know what Duck Dynasty is.

  2. You should be glad you don't it's the biggest reality hit on tv, they are a bunch of phony country boys who are really yuppies.. It was meant to be a joke..

  3. The Syria issue turned out better than expected, with a large majority of the American people eventually opposing intervention. So that was a good thing.