Friday, November 29, 2013


I heard  you say "What the Hell Is That) ?  It's a trade deal(with damn little trade in it) that is being negotiated between 10 nations and has been in negotiation for 10 years.  It's not surprising you don't know what is in it because it is being done in secret.. Only bits of it have leaked out and those have been all bad news for us.  The simplest explanation of what it does is strip all power from national law which is superseded by terms set in this agreement. It's been described by many as NAFTA on steroids

The fact that it is being negotiated in secret (even members of congress are out of the circle) but of course corporations are at the table.  You could simply say this agreement if being built by corporations , for corporations and all we get is the screwing.  The president is trying to get this bill fast tracked before the end of the year.  Fast tracking means just an up or down vote with no amendments allowed.  Since most of us no little or nothing about this agreement there will be little opposition from constituents.  You can bet on huge corporate money floating around congress for a simple little yes vote on a bill we know little about.

THIS LINK   at 13 minutes in talks about the TPP , the one big clue you should have are the two people in the discussion are knowledgeable people on this topic and they know damn little..

This would be one time I hope the republicans ban together to defeat an  Obama bill.

The first 13 minutes of this piece are on the drone program..

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