Sunday, November 3, 2013


The Treasury Department's Take HERE

The only thing that these two sources are in sync about is they don't know shit about economics.  To blast Germany for maintaining exports, but not increasing consumer demand, and not raising the  birth rate is a statement by both that use to carry  weight.  Neither do today because of nonsense theories put forth in these two pieces.

Unless I am mistaken Germany has provided many of the bale out funds for other EU countries while the IMF has enforced austerity measures  on most that destroys demand and output.  Germany plugs along by employing economic measures that are long range plans for maintaining a level economy. They have devices in place to keep people working during down turns, and programs for child care, education and training the crafts and on and on and on.

For the US to criticize the internal workings of Germany's economy is hysterically funny because they have done what they are suggesting the Germans do and where are we.  We certainly reduced exports by shitcanning 60,000 factories and 8 million blue collar jobs.. Thereby cutting exports, can't say much for the increase in consumer demand and it is at an all time low.  Yet they talk of Germany expanding their day care while at home they are destroying large parts of all programs to assist low income working families.

Our government has no right to tell anybody in the world how to run their economies . In fact if you look at past history of the US's help managing other world economies they all (ALL) have ended in abject failure.  Together with the IMF they have destroyed country after country by running up their debt, then forcing them to sell off infrastructure to their conglomerate buddies while the working people are thrown into poverty.   They destroyed everyone else and now it is our turn.  Look around you can see the same thing happening here that destroyed most economies in Latin America in the 80's.

What we see today in the US is the FED pouring at least 85 billion bucks a month into the system to be scoffed up by the banks who are shooting craps with it.  Stock market at all time highs, why, ain't nobody buying nothing and the Fed scared to stop (they have tried) and got scared too death at the immediate results.  To replace the blue collar jobs,we get waiters, cooks, burger flippers, gardeners, baby sitters and a score of other low paying jobs.. Household income for 50% of the working families is less than 50K a year and I'm sure there are some out who wish there's were that high.

We are definitely not the country that should be advising Germany how to run their economy they seem to be doing quite well,  while the US on the other hand sucks and is getting suckier.

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