Tuesday, November 19, 2013


 This is not a political rant , it will simply lay out the game plan of the Con artists who have set out with a goal to eliminate the great middle class and reduce us all to poverty wages and servitude to the corporations behind this con.  Today after 33 years it is working on the final stage of this takeover of a great country.

The plan begins in the 1980's with the busting of the PATCO unions and the drive to rid the country of the union worker.  Trickle Down economics is the name they put on their beginning stroke.  Huge tax cuts to the rich and a military buildup that by there selves put 6 billion dollars of debt on the accounts.  They told us that if they guided more money to the rich it would trickle down to us through their investments.. It never has and never will happen that way.

As we set out on the big plan of Free Market capitalism we would turn into a financial powerhouse creating all these nice clean high paying office jobs and all would be golden, while shipping our dirty ole manufacturing jobs overseas.

NAFTA was the first big stroke of the transition to white collar jobs.  Ross Perot told us NAFTA would create a great sucking sound as jobs went to Mexico and they did.  Instead of making life better for both countries the exact opposite happened.

GATT and WTO were the next free trade deals cut and more and more jobs and factories left the country.  The toll so far is 60000 factories gone, 5 million blue collar jobs gone. Unions lost membership right and left and declined from 34% of the work force unionized to 7% today.
All these high paying white collar jobs turned out to be white apron jobs at the fast food joints, major restaurant chains and retail clerk jobs with the biggest retailers in the country .  All paying minimum wage.

The job picture today is still bleak.  The unemployment rate is not the 7% the government claims but closer to the 22% claimed by Shadow Stats.  Half of the household's in the country earn less than $50,000/yr.  not enough to raise a family and provide for higher education or retirement savings. On top of that unions and workers across the country are being stripped of benefits, health care, retirement and and lower wages.

When the banks were deregulated the bubble machine turned on full blast blowing bubble after bubble egged on by regulations by the FED encouraging wild behavior.   We saw a Tech bubble, then a housing bubble and now a stock market bubble with talk going on about what's the next bubble to keep the economy going.  Of course it's not going now for a lot of the country and the next bubble will not improve the plight of many.

One can look around and think that they can't do much more , but you would be wrong.  They have one more card to play called TPP.  Trans Pacific Pact.  You can't read much of this new plan as it the talks are being held in secret.    Once again we are at the mercy of leakers (bless them , one and all) for information of what this pact will do.  From the little we know this will be the final stroke in creating THE ONE WORLD ORDER we have snickered about for years.. Most of us thought , of hell just another conspiracy theory .  Oh no, there is no doubt now that is what they have in mind.  This pact puts corporations officially in charge of all world governments.  A three member world court that have absolute rule of all things.  Nothing can be enacted that would negatively affect corporation profits.  We have already seen wages in the US stay level or fall in the last 30 years.  From the day this program started till today income has been on a steady decline.. The President is attempting to get the TPP on fast track approval which would not allow any amendments and a straight up or down vote.  If passed it  will be the end of the America I have know all my life.. It has saddened me to watch this last 33 years and see good job after good job shipped overseas, including a lot of those fine office jobs they told us about.. We are left with minimum wage jobs or no job at all.  The corporations will move production to the cheapest labor country and when a cheaper one appears they will move again.  So income world wide will spiral down and down to a level so low you will be on a race for survival..

I know you are thinking , how can they benefit from the plan they have put in place. I know I have and until recently had no answer.. Those of my generation know that the US was prosperous for my first 50 years and watched in horror as they destroyed job after job.. So what is in their minds. Here's the answer and you can hear it on radio talk shows (mostly left wing ) The rich believe they don't need us any more , they have accumulated enough money to live in their desired lifestyles and they really only need a staff of servants they can get from anywhere for next to nothing.  Sounds stupid doesn't it , it is, in a world that high tech schools are needed train people to keep their toys running isn't going to be done by uneducated waiting staff.

If TPP is passed the we will not recognize the world we will be living in.  It will be the final stroke for the completion of the One World Order we have heard about for years.  This is really just another version of the 80 year cycle that has happened time after time in the  history of this country.  The theory goes that 4 generations pass and memories of the last great turn down has faded and the rich go on their romp to get it all.  They proceed to a point then a White Knight appears faintly in my memory of FDR who was of the rich class but saw what his fellow rich were doing to the country.  He turned it all around with the help of WW2 .  Programs after the war kept progress moving up for decades.  till 1980 and then the takeover began again.  They have almost reached their final goal and will reach it if TPP passes.

We the people will have to forget about  the items that normally split us Democrats and Republicans and go with a White Knight candidate that is powerful enough to overcome corporate money and at the same time elect a congress that will allow him/her to make the changes necessary.. We can only hope, we have no power left to overcome corporate money.

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  1. It is the end of America as we know it, especially for journalists. The news comes today that Tribune Co., which publishes the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times, is laying off 700 employees. One wonders when it's gonna stop, if ever.