Thursday, March 28, 2013


We all have been educated and propagandized into believing capitalism is the only economic system that is right for our world..It has ran it's course more than once and has had to have it's reins pulled in  time or two.. After the great depression ground rules were changed and the good times rolled on for almost 50 years.. After WW2 when progressive politics instituted programs to help veterans get back to civilian life (GI bill that provided education and house loans to vets) the country sprang into life.. and ran hard for lots of years.

Beginning with the Regan years and a surge in conservative successes  began to chip away at the progress we had made up to that time... Unions are busted, wages are falling , jobs are shipped overseas, pension funds are stolen .  The end result being a country less and less solvent.

Now they tell us we are broke and of course the pheasants are being made to pay for the misdeed of the big boys.. Austerity they call it, dishonest is what it is.. They are in the process right now of finding ways to slash programs that help those less fortunate, even programs bought and paid for by the worker are on the table for cuts... No other answer is available , our lawmakers scream,, you gotta pay, you were bad and go us into this mess.. Never mind that's a load of bullshit they got their axes out and we will be made to pay.. But there are other means that are available as I have laid out in another post

Two recent shows on Bill Moyers and Co have had Richard Wolff (a Markist)  as guest showing us another way to run the ship.  Co-operative ownership and management of our own companies.. It's being done in Europe by Mondragon Companies and has spread to other countries slowly growing in popularity and success...

Here are the show's on  Bill Moyers  Show 1  Show  2.  If you follow this blog you probably have already seen show 1, show 2 shows Wolff answering viewer question after show 1.. He provides some idea of how the system works..

I like the idea a lot but am left with some practical questions .  He mentions that financing a start up or take over of a company which the workers can not fund on their own could be aides with government money (a subsidy) like we now do with corporations.. Getting a congress like we have getting that money would be like pulling teeth out of a chicken... Workers managing workers will be interesting and hard to pull off.. If you have had any experience leading workers you know what I am talking about.. I have led a lot , with some success and some failures.  Success or failure depended on the quality of the people involved (parking your own ego ) is a major problem.. I suppose some of the negative comments on the old Soviet system apply to a Mondragon company... One dude says I work harder than him I should get more..

With all the hardships of working this new system it will take courage to begin the process ... But is the only answer know to me at this time. Without something new we get a world of Walmarts the oft pointed to as a success model for Capitalism .

One huge problem with that thinking you end up with this.  Why Walmart shelves are empty.  
Although I seldom enter aWalmart I do on occasion drop in mostly to look around.. Sure enough my most recent trip showed a store poorly kept, poorly stoked and damned near devoid of workers....
All borught to you by the greedy bastard who own and run the company ...They heirs are all in the list of the richest people on the planet yet keep cutting service , paying poorly and treating employees like slaves..

Surely we can do better than this.

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  1. I like your suggestions. This system has already failed. Now they want more blood out of the middle class and poor turnips while leaving the billionaires unscathed.