Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The header is borrowed from a Dean Baker article jumping on economists for joining the parade to cut Social Security and Medicare.  Always make me feel good when the reputable folks join on the side of arguments I have been making for  years..

It's depressing though when you understand exactly why they are joining the conservatives clambering for cuts in these programs.. They love their grants that keep them alive and their salaries at the top of the scale..

The total nonsense of screaming for cutting the deficits full knowing what the consequence of making the huge cuts to budgets they propose will push the country deeper into the depression we are already in...(yep depression ) .  When you use more reliable numbers from reputable  outlets like Shadow Stats You see just how  deep we are in depression..Numbers look  exactly like those from the 30's.   

The big boys tell us there is no inflation and we sit here and wonder if that is true , why are my grocery prices so much higher month by month .

They lie to us about economics , they lie to us about wars, they steal our liberties , spy on our daily lives while the big boys lie , cheat and steal our prosperity.  What to do, What to do..

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