Sunday, March 31, 2013


A lot of us today have our checks electronically deposited int he bank where it immediately ceased to be your money.   Most of us have little money in the stock market, so our major resources are in banks..Own gold where is it stored?  In a lock box in the bank.. Bad news for you if a Cyprus type event happened it  becomes the banks money.  

I owe you an example.. One man in Cyprus had all his retirement in one bank..(a million bucks) at least he had it when he went to bed.. When he woke up he had a lot less.  The banks in Cyprus were generous they let you keep the first $100,000 then took 63% of the rest.. Probably don't mean much to you and me, don't have a 100 K in the bank.  It's the principal of the thing that has me  pissed off this morning.. 

In looking around a little bit you discover  that this is actually a plan crafted by the G20 and is planned for the rest of us .  So they can recover all the funds lost by the banks trying  to recover their derivative the big guys money.  As derivative holders have been placed at the head of the line to get their money back.  

We sit here and watch Europe and England being destroyed by these crooks and probably don't think about it happening here.   Ellen Brown thinks the same thing is planned for us and as said laid out by the G20 as the game plan for the world..

Of course their is a very simple fix to this mess.  Split the banks back to their original investment house and banks, leaving the derivative holders over on the investment side liable to eat their own foolishness.

A Cyprus style event theoretically wouldn't affect 90% of us as far as banks go.. but when the world crashed around the big boys it of course would fall on us..   


  1. I read Ellen Brown's attached article. It is very good and scary. Of course it can and will happen here.

    Citizens need to demand we Split the banks now.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. This is a good reason to not have a lot of money or possessions. No worries here! Except staying alive!