Monday, June 21, 2010

Water , Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Gasland travels through 10 states interviewing people who have had their waster supplies ruined by the drilling of natural gas well that use the fracking technique .  The stories are way to similar to be untrue.  Most of the folks interviewed have lived on the property for years and in some cases their family had lived there for decades with never a problem with their water supplies. Josh the maker of this film got on the story when he was offered $100,000 bucks for drilling on his upstate New York 19 acres.  He started asking around and discovered the problems with the Fracking process nationwide.  34 states have the problem and the stories are all the same.  Here's a link about the movie

Scenes in the movie show facuets on fire with gas from the wells that contain not only gas but also contain fracking chemicals most of which are deadly to humans, and wildlife alike.  These chemicals most of which are not found in nature but are contained in fracking fluids.   Black water that smells like sewage and other foul odors all that emit from the fracking chemicals.

The Fracking Process

A quick review of the process should reveal to you if you don't already know will show that this is almost as dumb as deep water oil drilling and startling as it may be they are about as careless as the Deepwater Horizon crew was.  A total disregard for anything but bucks is once again the driving force.

We all know that water is projected to be the next big problem we face after if course all the other shit hits the fan.  With all the water already polluted by this extraction process and Josh (the maker of the film) lives on the headwaters of the watershed for all of New York state, a supply to 15 million people on which they propose to drill 50,000 wells .  For once I'm on the side of the Not in My Back Yard Crowd/

Here's an interview with Josh on Now,

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  1. Does the film mention how much of this is going on in California? Do any those natural gas wells you see all over the state use fracking? I've been trying to find out, but haven't located anything so far. I did find this interesting energy web site:

  2. No , California was not specifically mentioned but I'm looking too, Think Delta pollution!!! Maybe it ain't my dams after all.