Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The End of Corporate Media

A few days ago I trashed the Democrats and the media for their blind support of Israels attack on the Gaza supply ships on my Smirking Chimp blog.  Then a few days later I attacked once again this time pointing out that our MSM is also in the closet with AIPAC  along with politicians of both sides.

Today Paul Craig Roberts on  CounterpunchCOUNTERPUNCH  flat out says the Editorial page of the Wall Street Journal (he use to be an editor there) is now nothing more than a newsletter for the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) (not his words) is being written in favour of Israeli actions.  He sites the journalist (questionable) who wrote the piece that lit Paul off.  No surprise to those who know who owns that rag now.

If that were not enough in her defense Ralph Nader jumps to her support here and clearly points out that tons of non talking head journalists and  progressive writers jumped to her defence.

My take, Helen will be sorely missed, she was just about the only real journalist left in the White House Press .  She was my way of judging just how brave a President was, did he call on Helen first  or at all.   If not, he was a devout coward (are you listening GWBush).  Live Long and Prosper Helen we will miss you!


  1. I realize this can be a faint distinction in the United States, but it's more proper to say that Zionists forced Helen out, not Jewish people in general. In fact, some Jews expressed their anger about Helen's lynching. I agree though that most American Jews seem to accept the Zionist point of view.

  2. Your absolutely right Chicswank, I was a little too emotional when I wrote this piece, thanks for the correction and thanks for your participation.