Thursday, June 24, 2010

Apologize My Ass

his is a first for me linking to a story from the Heritage Foundation and even more unnerving it is brought to us by Newsmax.

I have been hearing bits and pieces of this story on talk radio for weeks. This article provides more detail than I have heard so it is worth passing on.
Of interest to me are the details of how North Sea oil companies must operate and the governments involvement in setting up fleets of oil skimming vessels to handle incidents like this , make ours look like play toys in comparison.

There are claims that in a Saudi oil spill tankers sucked 85% of the spill drastically reducing the damage of the spill. Add to this a rumor that BP refused to bring their North Sea tankers to do this job.

Then there are the tales of the EPA standing firm on really rigid rules that for instance prevent the EU skimmers to operate because their discharges of sucked up oil and water return to the sea water with small quantities of water in it. Never mind that they are retaining most of the oil.

So for me an apology just doesn't cut it no matter if your talking about oil spills, financial misdealing, bad calls from a blind Fed Chairmen who didn't see a housing bubble or flaws in his financial formulas. So stick your apology where the sun don't shine, get your shit together and get to work fixing all the things that have been broken the past 30 years.

I truly don't know how this will get done when every move is calculated on it's political effect. Fire McChrystal , pass a strong financial bill, extend unemployment , provide more stimulus, all questions that don't even need to be asked , they are medulla based decisions, no questions necessary .

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