Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McChrystal's Folly

Image is everything for a politician and a four star general.  In General McChrystal's case he just shit in his own hat.  The Rolling Stone interview is not nearly as bad as the MSM is presenting it to be as this reporter was just considered as one of the boys during his long stay with the generals entourage.  Too long for the general's good apparently.

It is clear to me after reading the complete story in the Stone that the general and his staff hold the opinion that they are the only one's who know what to do and are stupid (or arrogant enough) to say so in front of a reporter from a notorious magazine , and to say everybody else is fucked up.

Never mind discussing his strategy in Afghanistan (it's fucked up at best) nor his considered brilliant career in the past.  You know like covering up Pat Tillman's death, like torturing prisoners in Iraq, and god knows what atrocities he ordered when commanding the Black Ops department.

All that does not matter in this problem.  The fact that it appears that he is challenging the President's authority and everybody else in his chain of command is all that is required to can his ass.  If I were the President when old Stan showed up tomorrow , he will hand in his resignation, and I would say the standard ole line "Thank you for your service"  have a nice retirement.  My opinion is the President has no choice he must fire him or hand in his nuts.

Just listening to Mike Malloy's opening rant and he is totally fucked up in my opinion to send McChrystal back in country to finish the war and to purge his inner circle.

1. Mike is willing to sacrafice more boys lives in an unwinable war being fought by a now apparent flawed theory.  Mike has never served, perhaps a little front line experience would change his mind.  Not my gradnson you dimwit.

2. Why would you expect the General to change his ways when it would appear he backed the president down.  What in hell are you smoking Mike.

3. You shouldn't fire him because the right wing would curcify him. So what , they will no matter which way he goes.  Is a political consideration anything to consider in this matter.  Not if you have any nuts at all.  Can the freak!!

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  1. Justin Ramondo has an interesting take on the McCrystal incident at antiwar.com. He believes McCrystal and his boys were performing for the Rolling Stone guy, in order to force the issue about pulling out of Afghanistan next summer. However, from what Patraeus is saying so far is that he intends to stick to the timeline. So if discarding the timeline was McCrystal's plan, he botched it again. Which shouldn't be too surprising, considering his track record.