Friday, October 17, 2014


Were just a pile of mushrooms , kept in the dark and fed bullshit to keep us happily at our appointed tasks.

Some say as many as 70 percent of us citizens have a very hard time believing the misdeeds of those in power.  Even when the evidence is presented to them ( which is seldom the case) , with the exception of a few of us cynical types who don't believe one damn thing that comes out of politicians or corporate mouthpieces.

This PIECE spells out in detail some of the major crimes of the past 30 years or more depending on how far you want to go back.

Most of the mentioned events concern our actions in foreign lands to garner and control the natural resources of the world.  making life extremely hard for common citizens.  You can check  our shenanigans in South America in the 80's , and then look at today.  The difference WE , you and me are in the cross hairs , and they are determined to wring the last cent of profit out of us they can.  What  end game they have in mind I'm sure is the biggest fairy tale ever told.

It has to happen someday, and I hope I'm still around to see it.  When the citizens wake up and understand they have been led down the road to poverty what will be their reaction?  When they finally understand they will never be able to pay off their student loans,. on their minimum wage jobs.  At about the same time they will realize they will probably never own a house, or have a family, or consider a retirement.

Ill let you look at history for yourself and see where you think it will end up.  I think I know and I'm sad.

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  1. A must read article.

    I loved it. We intermingle with the 70% slaves all the time and it is good to know others are seeing it.

    I agree it is sad, because we need that 70% to wake up.
    ~ Heidi