Friday, October 17, 2014


The Senate Intelligence Committee (? on the intelligence part) spent 40 million investigating responsibility for our beloved torture program.  It did not include the president of his cabinet in the study.  There overall finding "The CIA and the Justice Dept lied to them.

No shit Sherlock , what did you expect?   They knew the team wasn't looking at the White House team so they could pretty much say whatever came to mind.

6000 pages in the study of which we will only get  to see a redacted summary about 500 pages long.

We all know from other info that there were regular round table meeting in the White House with a selected team that actually discussed what torture to use on an individual basis, but none of this is exposed.

To sum it up , just 40 million bucks pissed down the drain , the most damned expensive white of late.

Here is the story HERE

Keep in mind just  for clarity the 911  Committee report that was another waste of money to publish porn.  (It was a fuck story as we know now)

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  1. Torture of other countries citizens while our 'leaders' are selling "truth, justice and the American way" is so sad and embarrassing. If you authorized it in the first place (as we know they did) it's not a big surprise the leadership would pin it on someone else when it is exposed. The two go together. Meanwhile they are TORTURING people. Not in my name. SAD.