Friday, July 8, 2016


As we are being entertained by the Trump Hillary show the same ole bunch of Neocons are in the process of preparing for war.  They started with the bullshit show they put on in the Ukraine and most of the US bought into to propaganda being served by the Obama administration.  They were not even phased by some of the public able to see through the bullshit and found some very disturbing people were pushing their totally fake evidence as the real thing.   Even today a lot still believe in the fantasy that Putin was behind this Ukraine mess.  You bought into the propaganda and refuse to date your thinking into the real world and not to concentrate on the bullshit being put out by our government.

For a realistic look at what the results would be if we are dumb enough to attack
Russia read this link carefully ,I think you will have a different view of the outcomes.

Story after story the past couple of weeks lay out the planning for a Nato attack on Russia and lately they added attacking China to their want lists.  From the lack of outcry from the public or MSM leads into this post.  Starting right below this will be a series of links taking you to the stories that have raised my concerns.

1.State department employees sent a letter to Obama urging him to put boots on the ground in Syria.
2. Foaming at the mouth State Department personnel want war.
3. NATO now believes it has grounds for a war with Russia
4.US PLANNERS working on a  plan to attack China
5. NATO buildup to counter a Russian escalation along it's borders to fend off an attack by NATO forces is a dangerous game being played by the US .  It's a risky adventure that has a lot of folks saying "ARE YOU SHITTING ME"  Along with this buildup the US is placing a missile defense system right on the Russian borders ( to of course counter missiles from Iran).  Everyone knows this is total bullshit and some in NATO think it's  insane.
6.HERE ARE SOME OF THE DISSENTING  VOICES against this nonsense are:
1. Putin looses it wondering what he has to do to get people to wake up and sotp this nonsense.
2.ALEX JONES TRIES TO WARN HIS AUDIENCE that MSM and the administration has been lying their asses off in regards to Russian intentions.
3. US is trying to start WW3  and they plan to use a first strike nuke force to pull it off.

Many times over the last few weeks story after story appear damn near every day but the above should give a starting point to do your own investigation.

In the pursuit of this story I researched arms capability of both NATO and the US comparing them with Russian capabilities. It would appear that they are capable enough to successfully thwart our attempt to destroy them.  The belief by our military leaders that we can pull off a first strike is based with them having their collective heads buried in the sand and I will just point out they have been wrong in every war since WW2.  We got our asses kicked by Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Why would we think they got this one right.

If the population of the US  doesn't get their heads out of their asses this could very easy be the end of life on earth.  The first nuke that explodes will trigger a total release of all nukes and bring about the end for all of us.

We are lied to about wars and the need  of wars.  We sit here and watch an election being stolen by both side although the democrats were more blatant in the crooked stuff they pulled. It's over for those of us backing Bernie giving us a Hillary and a Trump.  While Trumps take on all this is all over the board and we  do not really know how he would deter this crazy operation.  While their is little doubt where Hillary stands.

The sad part of all this is that Bernie gathered a bunch of supporters who now are being asked to vote for Hillary.  I know they feel betrayed and I admit to that feeling myself.  The question is what will his supporters do now.  A huge percentage says they will vote for her and if they do I would suggest you start digging your bomb shelter now, or of course you could just sit on your hands and wait for the flash.

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  1. OMG! I have not been paying attention to the drums. That is some serious stuff!!!
    Bernie has NOT conceded. He was FORCED by DNC rules to give a cold,uncommitted endorsement or not speak at the convention. I know, caught me off guard too. I thought he had conceded. Not true and he wants the people to make a YUGE showing at the convention. I will do my part to get the word out on the drum beats of war. OMG our 'leaders' are CRAZY! ~Heidi