Saturday, February 22, 2014


26 Years ago after my quad heart bypass and do to my wife's insistence we became very conscience of the kinds of foods we took in.  Drastic changes in diet occurred and things got pretty boring for awhile.  One more bran muffin and I was ready to exit this earth.  Then I bought a book entitled "THE LIVING HEART DIET"  therein was the best description of what cholesterol was and how to control it.  Great book that even contained good recipes .  At that time lots of everyday items were verboten , but the book emphasized that taking everything in moderation would work too,  So we started to modify a pretty dull diet into something you could live with.

During the ensuing years bad turned to good to essential.. A little common sense told you that they were not correct in putting the bad label on lots of things we enjoyed.. Whole milk, coffee, sugar, salt etc.. we slowly added stuff back to our diet to make things a bit more interesting..

Now along comes a new report that reclassifies things that were on the bad list to now being essential. HERE'S THE REPORT  

Taking into consideration genetic variations driving your cholesterol problem diet at best in most can correct just 10% of your numbers.. Therefore assistance from drugs is a must for most.  For instance in my case , cholesterol at heart attack was 360 (keep in mind in 87) cholesterol was not in the forefront of the medical field.  Shortly after it became the hottest item in medical care.   Everybody was on some drug or the other.  In the beginning our diet was very strict practically removing all fat from our diet,  discouragingly my cholesterol dropped to the low 300's.  Worked like hell for the next 25 years or so taking multiple drugs to control the beast... managed to get below 200 most of the time.. A recent change in my body has made everything easier to control, down to one drug for cholesterol instead of 3 .  Lots of other things happened at the same time and no one knows why the changes occurred .

Now the linked report verifies what we had kinda figured out on our own over the years... So if you have given up items on the now good list you can in good conscience add them back to your diet.   Life will be a little more fun.

Waiting patiently for them to say they were wrong about smoking.  Don't say it, I know..

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