Saturday, February 2, 2013


The drive on worldwide to force austerity on the nations of the world to pay off debt laid on these countries by banks with their crooked devices, will not work, has never worked anywhere anytime...

The Predators are after every last dime we the people have.. and it will take a full scale shutdown of everything to get them to their knees.. No work, no paying bills, no buying anything.  Within a week they would cave and come ask us what we want... We need to select a team to do are negotiating , I would pick Senator Sanders, Warren and Congressman Grayson, Mayor Booker of Newark, NJ for my part of the team.  I would be interested in who you would add..

Austerity drives in the EU have destroyed Greece, drove  Spain and France to their knees, and put England into what they are calling the third recession...(really a depression.  Now if the right has it's way we will join them.

The last quarter of 2012 showed a negative GNP due to a lack of Government spending .  Who knows how far it will go negative if they start cutting , with defense spending high on the list we could see a negative GNP in the -5 range easily.

As always we can sit by our TV or trusty INTERNET connection and what the show, nothing  we can do will change what is about to happen.  Our action will only come when things get so bad we are willing to sit down and wait...

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  1. We need to start a website pushing for a National Strike. You're right, it would bring them to their knees, without firing a single shot.