Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is There a Cure for Boiled Blood?

A fellow can take so much and then steam flows out of his orifices and his blood boils.  I'm at this point with the bullshit Alan Simpson is throwing out of his co-chair Cat Food Commission  position.  All the screaming, letter writing , emailing the Prez that this ass hole be removed from the Commission for belittling all people drawing Social Security , have been to no avail.

Now old wrinkle butt is attacking disabled veterans for sucking money out of the system for wounds and illnesses received in service
of their country.

I'm tired of waiting for  him  to start talking about shit that will really reduce deficits instead of picking on what he views as freeloaders.

Ok, so I'm tired of him sucking up one of our most valuable resources , OUR AIR. How he choses to do this is up to him, but we need every breath of air for humans and I don't think he qualifies.

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